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Week 6 Story: Do you want to be a mother now?

Public Domain Edition: Mahabarata
Author sources: Arnold, Besant, Devee, Dutt, Ganguli, Kincaid, Macfie, Mackenzie, Nivedita, Seeger, and Tagore.

Twenty kids, Yahoo Lifestyle
Kim and Chris. They became young lovers in high school. Kim would sneak out of her house at night, as Chris threw rocks at her window. Her mother would listen to her, only 16 years old at the time, whimsically say during mother-daughter bonding pillow talks, "Mom, I am going to Chris." Kim's mom would nod along, however, she knew that the odds were out of their favor. The odds were however, because 8 years later, their relationship was better than ever, and they decided to get married. Kim's dream was to have a child and take care of him or her, nurturing them into adulthood. She was smart and valued her career, but Chris insisted: "Kim, I will work, and you can live your dream of being a full-time mother. Stay home. I can provide for us. After working, I will come home to love on my …

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